Friday, 27 February 2015


Wordy Wednesday #6 at B-A-R

Thank you Sid Balachandran for the lovely picture prompt.


Not every-day am I hurtled at, nay served a delicious lunch of corn cob

garnished with salt and chilli powder. 

The tender kernels were a feast for my infant who gobbled with relish.

A bunch of school-children guffawed at me sending shrill screeches tearing my 


I thought this behaviour was the prerogative of the apes but these 

two legged species are fierce contenders. A little one climbed deftly on the 

parapet and poised himself between the iron bars. Thank God for the zoo 

authorities for barricading us from the Homo sapiens.

Humans are going back to their roots. Sigh!

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Five Sentence Fiction – Forgotten

"I am Rose, your new nurse", she answered to his query, assuaging his fears.

She fed him as his trembling wrinkled fingers could no longer hold the spoon.

She stared lovingly at him as he drifted off to his siesta holding her little finger for succour.

She slowly pulled her finger away from his gentle grip as two decades ago Little Rose held his finger for security.

The two roles morphed into time completing the circle of life as  she changed into the garb of a a care-giver from a pampered daughter. 

Alzheimer has robbed off his memories, memories which Rose has cherished and kept alive in her heart.

                                                             Lillie McFerrin Writes

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

river of life

                               Image result for ganges river                       

Immersing the ashes into the holy Ganges River, the Hindu priest prays

to the Sun-God for the soul to make a peaceful transition to the other world.

Isn't this a river of death?” piques the Englishman.

“Nay, this river is the life-giver. She flows satiating the parched, germinating 

the seed of life and dissolves the dead to commence a new beginning. Eventually,

all things merge into one”, answers Leila, calmly, in her white robes and freshly 

tonsured head, a sign of widowhood.

“Faith abounds here”, she says pointing to the swift current.

Leila clutches to a book on re-incarnation.

                              Written for Carrot Ranch - Flash Fiction Challenge

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dark Shadow

yeah write #202 weekly writing challenge

“It’s all in your mind”.

“Mom, the ghost haunts me”.

“Good-night Alicia”.

At the click of the button, Alicia buries herself in the quilt, 
perturbed of the darkness.

The shadow creeps stealthy. A hand runs all over her.

“No papa”. She yelps.



                         Velvet Verbosity

100 Words #415 - Empty Your Cup

God and the imp watched from the clouds.

Cleaning the earthen urn was a sacrosanct ritual which Maya performed with
religiously alacrity.

Filling it with water and weaving a mesmerizing floral pattern of the Nature’s 
bounty was symbolic.

“Why does she fill the urn when the flowers are ephemeral?” asked the
perplexed imp.

The porous earthen urn is the state of mind permeating the flow of good thoughts. 

Inhale the fragrance of joy and empty the cup of withered sorrows to resume 
the cycle of life. Today is a precious gift and tomorrow is another day.

And God blessed Maya.

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                 100 Words #415


Haiku Horizons is a year old! This week’s prompt is “birthday”


shivering wrinkled hands
cut the cake
blew a solitary candle

blew a solitary candle
amidst applause
for a life well lived.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015



Haiku Horizons prompt “spark”

two stones rubbed
a tiny spark 
food for soul.

tiny spark of anger
flared in her heart
tears of molten  lava. 

                                                         written for Haiku Horizon

night life.

The virtual world shrinks geographical distances and connects to people far away but we humans tend to ignore relations that are closer home.

Post dinner, Whatsapp, Facebook and the blogging world takes over me and I am connected to my friends from all corners of the globe.  My husband buries his nose into the newspapers or magazines and my son, a student, is busy with his books and assignments.

But today we deviated from our own set norm and unanimously voted to take a brisk walk at night. And I am glad we did so as the experience was surreal and invigorating.  

The cool air caressed my senses and sent a small shiver.

Image result for parijat flowersImage result for plumeria flowers And as we passed a tree our olfactory nerves were sprayed with the fragrance of Frangipani. We inhaled deeply. I noticed the neatly manicured lawns. The water fountain at the intersection of four roads danced like a nubile girl, with the gentle breeze doing a tango. The red Indian roses surrounding the fountain seems to be basking in the glory. The crescent moon seemed to keep vigil on the Nature's bounty. As we passed the Parijaat Tree (Night flowering Jasmine), we stopped in our tracks and filled our lungs with the sweet smelling fragrance. The sight and the smell of the tree evoked images of childhood days and I was filled with nostalgia. The tree had shaken off its white delicate flowers with a light orange stem and have spread like a carpet on the green grass weaving a mesmerising pattern. I gingerly picked some flowers.

After a long walk, we sat on the newly laid sturdy bench. My gaze wandered up at the vastness of the sky. The twinkling solitaires seemed to smile down at us. The canopy of constellations was a visual treat to our eyes.

As we sat chatting, I noticed many other families strolling by. And we smiled back at complete strangers while small kids waved joyfully. I thought of them as kindered souls having a karmic connection. 

An hour and half ticked away and we made our way back to our home.

I filled a shallow dish with water and arranged the Parijaat flowers. The floating flowers made a lovely centre-piece.

I retired to bed with a happy heart. 

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

the assassin

yeah write #201 weekly writing challenge

A hefty sum was paid to the sharpshooter to get the promiscuous husband
out of her life.

Blood spurted out.

The unveiled mask of the assassin revealed a feminine face.

The husband passionately kissed the assassin.

Her dying utterance, “Annie”, remained unheard.


                                  Written for Yeah Write Microstories

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Porch

                                    At the porch..


The porch with its wide circular pillars and the grilled balustrades offered 

a perfect hiding place for her to spy on the opposite villa.

She wished that the breeze would carry the message to her beloved and bring

back good tidings of their secret rendezvous.  

“O! Romeo”, her heart cried out a thousand times with the echo of “O! Juliet”

coming from the other end of the villa.

An invisible fence separated the two families.

The gardener privy to the hide-and-seek game of the lovers threw up his hands 

to the Heaven and lamented, “Hope history does not repeat itself”.

Thanks Rochelle  for the lovely photo prompt.

                                     Friday Fictioneers Farm Path

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Food for soul

Word prompt: Eternal
Phrase Prompt: Circle of life

The figures on the mark-sheet failed to impress the National Catering School.

The shaggy appearance and the vernacular diction added insult to the injury.

Undeterred, undaunted he learnt under the tutelage of his eternal Guru,

his mother.

The circle of life is complete.

Today he owns a Michelin star restaurant.

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Friday, 13 February 2015

rainy night


February 11, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that demonstrates compassion. 

Finishing her frugal dinner of dry loaf of bread and yoghurt, she tucked
the spare loaf into the wicker basket for next morning.

The rain lashed on the window pane engulfing her little cottage with its

Who could it be at the door at this time of the night? There was no soul 
when she saw through the peep-hole.  She cautiously opened the door 
and he sneaked inside between her legs.

Ramming the door she looked into his innocent eyes sending waves of compassion.

Woof, woof he said. Smilingly, she took out the loaf. 

Tomorrow is another day.

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Thursday, 12 February 2015



Carpe Diem #666, Poppies


  red poppies grow
besides forgotten grave
a tribute to a soldier.

                                                  Written for Carpe Diem - Poppies

Saga of two roses


Thanks Shalini Nair,Sulekha Rawat and Sheethal Susan Jacob
 for the lovely phrase prompt : Love for all seasons.

14th February

A bunch of red roses with water droplets sprinkled on them stood at the busy intersection drawing envious glances of the pedestrians. Their thorns were shorn
off, hurting their tender body.

“Happy Valentine Day”, they said to each other before being separated.

 All the roses were sold off.

15th February

The civic worker dumps the partially faded red flowers into the garbage bin.

He fondly embraces her and says, “Love for all seasons, Love for all reasons”

The two red lovers were finally united to return to dust.

They were happy to be catalyst of love to mankind.


                                           Image result for 2 red roses

                                        Written for  :  Wordy Wednesday B-A-R

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Man and God

Man looked up and asked,”O Lord! Who do you love the most?”

God smiled and said,” I love all my creations but you the most. Power to
think and act is your strength. But do not forget your Creator”

“Amen”, said Man.


                               Written for : Yeah Write Micro Writing Challenge

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

dark night

“The ghost lifted its thick black hood. Joe tried to peer at the faceless
nothingness and the hood dropped”.    
I turned the page.
It was blank.
“The shadow is a reflection of your fear”. The words suddenly appeared in blood.
I froze.



Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life is as you see it.

                     Wordy Wednesday #3 at B-A-R

This Week: Word Prompt is Squeamish given by  Aditi Kaushiva who blogs here.

“I am too squeamish about little crabs running around my legs”, said Mary as she
picks up each wonder of the ocean to embellish her pottery design. The ocean
waves gently frolicking, the sunshine kissing the golden sand do not tempt Mary.

“Life is as you see it. Fishermen cast their nets, the diver gets the pearls, and
the beach-walker get the shells. We get what we want. The ocean is the same
for all”, said Suzie as she drops the handful of shells.
Painting the scenery on canvas, their mother piques, “the twins are so different
from each other”. 

 Written for :B-A-R- Wordy Wednesday 

green monster

I stood aside
thou entered with a stride.

I was a tad unsure
the seed sown without cure

watered with suspicion
germinated ,  akin to a scorpion

the poison churned and swelled
my spirit bruised and felled 

the  fertile garden of my mind
rationality turned blind

vermin of doubt flowered
Alas! serenity withered

What's that in the shadows?
The green creature in the meadow

green monster firmly branched
my confidence melted , blanched

its roots gnawed my soul
possessed me foul

I battled with swords of fears
and a shield of helpless tears

crushed the foe , it did flee
the enemy was inside me

the raging storm
did not calm.

I held the broom of regret
each cobweb cleaned, ferret

gathered the twigs, a bonfire
of envy, doubt, a burning pyre

a new form unleashes
rising like phoenix from ashes.

 I preach a sermon simple
 my mind a holy temple 
wipe your soiled shoes, welcome.